Lavenham Stories - Fit for Purpose

It’s what we’ve done
since 1969: ensure
whatever we make
does its job without

February 2021

And we've been doing it that way every since. 

To this day, each Lavenham piece is crafted with care from our Suffolk factory, just six miles from the site of our original factory. 

We predominantly work with British cloth manufacturers, renowned for their durability and quality, and the same is true of the wadding we use in our quilting, which comes from the North of England and is made of 65% recycled fibres.

Repair Service

We are firm believers that the future of clothing lies in garments built to last longer than a few wears, so we ensure each piece is made to withstand the wear and tear of everyday life. 

The passion we have for your Lavenham products doesn’t stop at the factory gates - we offer a full Repair Service, where the same hands who originally crafted your gilet or jacket will repair it if it needs it.