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Whenever I tell people I live in Manchester, the first thing they say is how cold and rainy it is! Well, that may be true, but for a coat and jacket addict like me, it just means I get more opportunity to wear all my favourite coats when it comes to Winter!

It can be hard to find a jacket that’s waterproof and blog-worthy, but I seem to have hit the jackpot with the Holbrook camo-print Lavenham number. It’s great quality; a stylish fit and also looks pretty damn cool while keeping the rain out! I love to mix prints so for my outfit post I paired mine with a tartan scarf and a slogan tee for an effortless casual look for every-day, even when it’s raining!

I first came across Lavenham as a brand earlier this year and after styling my blog post, I now think the brand is ideal for festivals, especially in the UK with our weather. The collection has a large range of jacket and coat styles for both men and women but I think the Holbrook Camo style is a stand out piece for me.

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Lavenham Blue Collection

 The Lavenham Blue Collection has been inspired by the village of Lavenham.
In medieval times the village of Lavenham made its riches by producing a Lavenham Blue Broadcloth, the colour was created by dying from a herb called Woad which made the indigo blue colour.

 Lavenham has worked with Abraham Moon & Sons to replicate the colour Lavenham Blue which has been translated in to a Shetland Wool.

Lexham UK191336 Blue Wool (1)

Lexham Men’s

Saxham Ladies UK281211 Blue (1)

Saxham Ladies

Cockfield Patchwork Lav Blue (1)

Cockfield Men’s

Cropton UK281332 Lav Blue (1)

Cropton Ladies


Raydon Mens BB

Shop the Lavenham Blue Collection here;
Men’s Lavenham Blue Collection
Ladies Lavenham Blue Collection 



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Guest Blogger – The Everyday Man

aw14 facebook cover

October is here and that heralds the beginning of the gloomy winter months. I really hate winter in general but I do like the excuse it brings to find some new warmer clothing.  Top item on everyone’s list is a new jacket, so I have started to scout around some of the most practical but fashionable styles for AW14 from Lavenham.

Back in 1969 Lavenham produced their first quilted horse rug which gave birth to the range of outerwear that we see today. The designs still stay true to the original English templates but add modern twists to keep the collections looking up to date and fresh.  For AW14 in particular, sitting alongside the classic Lavenham range is a special collaboration with Fred Perry with a capsule collection for both men and women.

The classic styles however are the stand out options for me, and in particular I have my eye on the Craydon which is a hooded quilted style. Available in both black and navy it can be styled up with just about any look you choose.  The added hood is a welcome bonus in my opinion for all those icy cold mornings that we unfortunately have ahead.  At least you can enjoy your commute wrapped up in a Lavenham quilt while knowing you still look the part.

Watch the AW14 Film here

Guest Blogger:

The Everyday Man

Twitter: @everyday_man

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Lavenham x Fred Perry Blank Canvas Collection

Lavenham _ blue web

The Blank Canvas collaboration combines the signature styles of the Fred Perry Bomber Jacket and the Lavenham Gilet. The pieces use the classic Lavenham nylon combined with a new quilt pattern and lined with Fred Perry Tartan.


Men’s Tennis Bomber Jacket


Men’s Tennis Bomber Jacket


Men’s Gilet


Ladies Bomber Jacket


Ladies Gilet 

Shop the collaboration pieces here;
Shop the Men’s Collection >
Shop the Ladies Collection >

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Pastel Collection

For AW14 Lavenham has introduced a range of ladies pastel jackets, using sherbet shades on a classic Lavenham style with contrasting pastel cord patches will be sure to add a touch of colour to your winter wardrobe.

There are 3 colourways available exclusively at

Metfield Ladies White (1) low res

Metfield Ladies

Risby Ladies UK Nena (3) low res

Risby Ladies

Risby Ladies UK Blush (1) low res

Risby Ladies


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