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Poplar Park – Riding club Area 8 qualifier – 22nd June


I was looking forward to our riding club team event at poplar park as I really wanted to qualify for the Riding club national championships in August.


Oscar did a pleasing test to score 30.5 (69.5%) and was feeling very well in the show jumping warm up and I felt as if my brakes were not as good as they should be!


He was clearly enjoying himself and jumped another clear round sj. The xc course was similar to the BE event that I competed in earlier in the year so I was feeling confident.


I had a bit of a nasty first fence xc – partly as he set of so fast and keen. However we put this behind us and jumped another confident clear.


Unfortunately our team came 2nd which just missed out on qualification however I won my class individually so I have qualified for the Riding Club national championships as an individual.


This means extra fitness sessions for Oscar and I as it is an old fashioned long phase 3 day event which includes an endurance day of roads tracks, steeplechase, more roads and tracks, 10 mins recovery then a normal xc course and then show jumping on the final day.


Stratford Hills – 15th June


After Oscar’s confident round at our last event at Little Downham I moved him back up to 100 level for our most local event Stratford Hills.


I was pleased with his test however slightly disappointed with his dressage mark of 34.  The show jumping was proving to be very influential however Oscar jumped our best round to date and was not so strong as he has been.


Xc was his biggest test since Badminton there was a tricky water complex question and I thought he may think about the fence before the water as it looked as if you dropped in to the water.


He was fantastic flying round the course and not thinking about anything.  I knew the time is always really hard to get at this event as it is very hilly so tires the horses.  I made the most of the flat ground so I didn’t have to push up the hills and was really pleased to get 0 time penalties (there were only about 5 people all day that came inside the time!)


I was pleased to find out that we came 3rd so another Badminton regional final qualification.



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Invited to view the SS15 Collection

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Badminton Horse Trials Summary

Badminton Horse Trials Summary – Jenny George

We ventured up to Badminton on the bank holiday Monday and settled in on the Monday night ready for my dressage test on Tuesday morning.

I was really pleased with his dressage test, he remained nice and calm which is what I have been working really hard on and it was a consistent test to score 32.8 (67.2%). I was disappointed with my mark in comparison to the rest of the class but there were not many marks in between everyone so I remained optimistic that a double clear could still get us into the top 20 (there were 92 in my class).

Monday afternoon and evening was course walking time, it was a long course (about 2 mins more of galloping than a standard course) however I felt confident that he was fit enough.  The course was interesting and ran the opposite way around to last year which was more demanding on the horse’s fitness. I was looking forward to getting started!

Wednesday started with his SJ, he was very lively to warm up and was feeling full of it, he jumped a clear round which were at a premium so I moved up the leader board as there were lots of poles falling down.

I then walked over to the famous Badminton park to start my cross country.  When I got over to the warm up I heard that there was about half an hour delay in our start times as there had been an earlier accident on the course, this was a bit frustrating as he is best if you keep going and does not like hanging around before the start.  Time passed and I was called up next into the start box, he flew out the box and over the first, he then decided that he would prefer to stay with his friends in the collecting ring and I had trouble getting him over fence 2.  I was struggling to get him in a good rhythm round the course and he was not jumping particularly well.  I then came around to the coffin fence and he decided he didn’t like the look of it.  I then decided to retire as he was not jumping how I would like and that’s when accidents happen.  I was thoroughly disappointed but at the end of the day the most important thing is that Oscar and I returned safely.

I had great hopes for Badminton this year after some excellent results after qualifying last year however some things do not go to plan! I will take him cross country schooling next to restore some confidence in him before his next event at Aston Le Walls.  I will also take Wally my youngster for his first taste of cross country which is very exciting!

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Eventer Sponsorship – Poplar Park

Poplar Park – 26th April

I decided to try a new tactic as Oscar had not really relaxed in his dressage tests this season, it certainly worked with a Personal Best for him of 21 (which is 79%).  This was certainly a great boost as this will be my last test I ride before Badminton next week.  I was pleased with his show jumping round, he was very keen which was lacking at our last event at Burnham Market so a great improvement although I was frustrated with myself as I over rode the last fence resulting in a knockdown and 4 penalty points.

Oscar was very excited going into the xc start box and flew around the xc course clear.  I was pleased with his round and his fitness around the course and we came in on time (12 seconds under the optimum.)  I ended up with 4th place out of 30 starters and this gained us another Badminton Regional final qualification for 2015.  All systems are now go for next week with more dressage lessons planned this week with my trainer Vicky Ploughman.

 Jenny George

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The Telegraph Magazine visits the Lavenham Factory

The Telegraph Magazine recently visited the Lavenham factory, here is the article on Lavenham which was in Saturday 12th April’s issue.


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